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Corporate Culture
OVIKO Valve implication OVIKO Valve pioneering and innovative spirit, OVIKO Valve culture, a concentrated expression. OVIKO after ten years of hard work and dedication of the struggle out of one of their own extraordinary development of the road, and grown into China's largest and the world's leading valve manufacturing companies.

The value of employees

OVIKO Valve and actively create a good working atmosphere, and established a comprehensive training system for employees, and create favorable conditions for motivating employees to constantly improve themselves, beyond themselves, to be creative, dare to take up the challenge and responsibility to achieve self-worth.

Enterprise value

OVIKO Valve, through continuous product innovation and management innovation, and improve the quality of products and services to the full satisfaction of the customer's business development goals. As the most important manufacturers in the world's industrial valve industry, OVIKO Valve in the industry to establish a superior brand value.

Social Responsibility

In recent years, OVIKO Valve sustained technological innovation, the development of a series of environmental-friendly valve, made important contributions to the global energy conservation and sustainable development.

In addition, OVIKO Valve has been active commitment to social responsibility and contribute their part. In order to support the cause of education in poor areas, actively participate in Project Hope, donated the construction of the Hope Primary School.

OVIKO Valve employee value, enterprise value, social responsibility, integration, form their own unique corporate culture, to win the common recognition of the community and staff, internal and external form of the centripetal force and power of positive achievements of our success today and will create the new OVIKO Valve brilliant tomorrow.


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